Sunday, October 27, 2013

Instagram of the week.


(1) Sweet Bones vegan (some gluten-free) sweets Lonsdale Street Traders 27 Braddon, ACT 2612 Australia (2) Australian National Botanic Gardens Clunies Ross St, Acton ACT 2601 Australia (3) huge lizard that was SO close (4) beautiful wildflowers - they felt like paper (5) Ethiopian food from Gorman House Markets 55 Ainslie Ave Braddon, ACT 2612 Australia (6) Old Bus Depot Sunday Market 21 Wentworth Ave Kingston ACT 2604 Australia (7) fresh dips: hummus, spicy pumpkin and roasted carrot (8) blueberry and mango muffins (9) dusk at the beach (10) rugged coastline (11) Mallacoota's vista view (12) homemade noodles at Lucy's 64 Maurice Avenue Mallacoota, VIC Australia (13) homemade dumplings (14) reflections while hiking (15) lake view around Mallacoota (16) we randomly met a doggie and a lamb while hiking and saved them from the main road at the trailhead (17) half a veggie burger at Croajingolong Cafe Shop 3, 14 Allen Dr Mallacoota, VIC Australia (18) homemade pancake with wild berries and vanilla ice cream (19) the bay (20) these boots have walked far - all the way to one of Mallacoota's many docks (21) kangaroos in Lysterfield National Park near Melbourne (22) what a view (23) Mama kanga with her baby (24) whale watching at the coast