Wednesday, August 31, 2011

caramelized pear ice cream.

another ice cream born out of refrigerator rests.
last week i bought a kilo of pears for only 88 cents, and i still had some left over, so i grabbed my handy dandy cookbooks and looked for an appealing recipe.

and since it feels as if the last breaths of summer are being taken, i concentrated on an ice cream recipe.
i want to make as much ice cream as i can before i start making solely warm and cozy baked goods.
by the way i got a whole recipe book on hot chocolate from my brother, so i want to try out some recipes from that when the weather gets cold again.

so here my result:
a really smooth, very fruity ice cream.
if you know it's caramelized, then you can taste it subtly.
if you don't know, you couldn't really put your finger on the slight other taste.

if you love ripe, soft pears - it's the perfect ice cream for you!

caramelized pear ice cream

adapted from david lebovitz's "the perfect scoop"
2 small ripe pears
90g sugar
large pinch of sea salt
few drops of lemon juice
200g cream
50g milk

peel pears, de-core them and dice them into small cubes.
in a cast-iron pan (or another solid pan) heat sugar.
wait for it liquefy, stirring not at first, only when you see patches of liquid sugar.
stir until smooth and amber colored.
this should just take a few minutes.
add the pears.
the caramel will seize up and solidify, but keep on stirring and boiling the mixture.
try to dissolve and clumps. this will take around 10 minutes.
then remove from heat, add milk, lemon juice and salt.
stir in the cream.
blend in food processor, until smooth.
chill, then freeze in your ice cream maker according to your manufacturer's instructions.