Sunday, October 6, 2013

Instagram of the week.

(1) fried curry noodles and veggies from New Thai Blues 4147 SE Division St (2) my last cock'n'balls at Voodoo; a rainbow giraffe! (3) spring rolls in honor of my friend Remy's birthday (4) homemade sushi for the same occasion (5) aaaaaalso, she got vegan GF banana chocolate cupcakes with the best almond butter frosting EVER (6) then we adventured to Bagby Hot Springs in the rain (located in Mt Hood National Forest, little over 100 km from Portland) (7) soaked in hot tubs for the afternoon (8) and encountered ghost-like woods on our hike back at dusk (9) breakfast burrito from New Seasons Market with potatoes, cheddar cheese and onions (10) we had a couple of great sunny fall days (11) steps up to Mt. Tabor; the sun was so intense that the moisture was evaporating and the ground was misty (12) view from Mt. Tabor looking upon Portland (13) making our own pancakes at Slappy Cakes 4246 SE Belmont St (14) my 'house' creme soda with organic OJ, homemade vanilla simple syrup and seltzer (15) my breakfast dish with potatoes, toast, vegan sausage and eggs 'over easy' (16) dawn on my last day of work in downtown (17) veggie burger at Little Big Burger 3810 SE Division St (18) SO good - Pumpkin Pie ice cream from New Seasons (19) Mostly raw totally raw'r BLT sandwich from Pixie Retreat, a local company (20) pumpkin picking at Sauvie Island (21) my pumpkin! (one of them)