Sunday, January 26, 2014

Instagram of the week.

(1) one of many bridges in Hamburg with fishies (2) went to the Isemarkt in Eppendorf to score some great cheese and produce Isestraße 20144 Hamburg, Germany (3) beautiful old buildings in Eppendorf (4) snow! snowflakes! (5) yummy egg sandwich on rye bread (6) raw bite from Denmark, it was good but not as good as Lärabar in the States (7) Herr Max in the Schanze in Hamburg Schulterblatt 12 20357 Hamburg, Germany (8) homemade savory cheese waffles with salami, sour cream and a rocket, tomato and parmesan salad (9) 'Bratäpfel' or baked apples with vanilla sauce (10) more snow, but in Munich! (11) my uncle made this great spinach quiche with a yeasted dough (12) very good steak with spiced wedges and coleslaw at Kathi's Steakhouse Angerbadergasse 6 85354 Freising (13) celebration cocktail 'Hurricane' with white and dark rum, mango, passionfruit, orange and lemon (14) a scrumptious sweet something from Maelu Theatinerstr. 32 80333 München (15) fresh rolls, croissants and pretzels, a part of a typical German breakfast