Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Doch immer wenn etwas neu beginnt, sagt etwas in mir das wars.
Doch ich fühl' mich federleicht, weil es sich fast immer lohnt.
(‘Barfuss’ Clueso)

Literal translation:
Yet everytime something new starts, something else tells me that’s it.
Yet I feel light as a feather, because it’s almost always worth it.

I really like this sentence, it's from a German musician - it’s actually more articulate, smooth and melodic sounding in German.
Everytime you begin something new, the old comes to an end.
I’m beginning a new adventure and coming home to a life I started last year.
I’m moving back to Portland, Oregon.
I’m very excited and actually feel light and relieved.
This excitement overwhelms most negative feelings, like sadness of saying goodbye to my loved ones.

The move won’t change anything blog-wise, I’ll still be posting recipes once a week.
You’ll just have me introduce you to places in the States instead of Germany.

Auf bald, Deutschland. 
Hey there, ‘Merica!