Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Moodboard No. 4.

(1) matte photos, polaroid style from Australian origrami - the photo you see by the way is this awesome architecture in Melbourne - triangles, triangles, triangles (2) crystals from a flea market in Munich, I want to make necklaces with them (3) the last straggler seedlings, growing in my room. I grew and planted a variety, everything from tomatoes to zucchini to herbs (4) my first record - and a wonderful reminder of my time in Portland last year - Fever Ray, y'all (5) tea cups, also from the flea market. For years I've had ones just like that from my mom, just varying in design, now I got to add to my collection. And I can serve more people tea, haha (6) discovered I still had this Tarot set. Just for fun I'm going to try it out (7) 'The flavour Thesaurus', a beautiful hardbound book with loads of pairing suggestions to different foods. A great help and inspiration if when your cooking and baking (8) the fabric that serves as part of the background is actually a dress my Mama made - I want to change the sleeves though, then I'm going to wear it all the time!