Monday, May 26, 2014

Coconut Macarons.


Careful now, 
a tad too much

Shell caves, 
the smooth surface, 
with golden flecks:


Enveloped in a pool of milk cocoa.


Coconut Macarons

time ganache 30 minutes plus overnight resting, preparing and baking the shells 50 minutes, assembling 20 minutes
yields around 30 macarons

260ml cream
115ml coconut milk
1/2 vanilla pod
190g milk chocolate
75g sweetened shredded coconut, toasted

150g ground almonds
150g powdered sugar
55g egg whites

50g water
150g sugar

55g egg whites
20g sugar
food coloring

Prepare the ganache:
toast the coconut in the oven for 8 minutes at 180 degrees.
Let cool.
Chop the milk chocolate.
Bring the cream, coconut milk and vanilla to a boil.
Pour over the chocolate, let stand for a minute, then stir, starting from the center, creating an emulsion.
Stir in the coconut, cover and refrigerate overnight.

Make the shells:
grind your almonds together with the powdered sugar in a kitchen machine to a flour-like consistency.
Then sieve, to get out any bigger pieces.
This is important, so you have a completely smooth top.Then start to whip your egg whites with the sugar and the food coloring slowly.
At the same time, boil the water and sugar to 113 degrees celsius.
Slowly pour the mix into the egg whites.
Beat until the mixture feels luke warm.

In the meantime, mix the almond mixture together with the liquid egg whites.
In two steps, fold the whipped egg whites into the almond mixture.

Do not be shy at this step - the egg whites will collapse somewhat, that's okay.
What is not good, is if you whip all the air out of them, you do not want a runny mass!

On a prepared baking sheet, pipe the macarons in round circles (around 3 cm in diameter).
When your sheet is full, tap it to achieve a smooth surface on the macarons.

Let dry for a couple of minutes.Bake first at 230 degrees for 3-4 minutes, until a "foot" has risen, then for 7-8 minutes at 170-180 degrees (open up the oven door to get it to cool off).

The shell should not be sticking to the sheet surface.

Let cool completely, before you remove the macarons from the baking sheet and fill them, ideally with help of a piping bag with a round tip.