Sunday, January 5, 2014

Instagram of the week.

(1) absurd and cheesy German sign for a food cart (2) graffiti on a door in the Schanze in Hamburg, Germany (3) 'Ellenbogen Liebe' - elbow love (4) beautiful old apartment buildings in Hamburg (5) portuguese coffee with a fun caricature on the cup (6) for New Year's Eve the mandatory 'Berliner', filled doughnuts (7) the bottle chaos in the new year (8) more street art 'kein Mensch ist illegal' no human is illegal (9) lunch: yummy pretzel bar with eggs, avocado and khaki, and of course celery! (10) old and new photos of Hamburg (11) Pho! typically vietnamese with tofu, vegetables and fried bread (12) the bare branches proclaim winter (13) morning run in the 'Stadtpark' the city park (14) my scores at the Isemarkt, a weekly market, in Hamburg: different cheeses, organic veggies, tabbouleh, hummus, grapes (15) yummy greek yoghurt with cherry (16) 'Franzbrötchen' a typical Hamburger pastry, a kind of danish with cinnamon swirls