Wednesday, November 2, 2011

the snowqueen.

"the snowqueen"

once upon a time

a boy and a girl, 
bound by friendship.

rejoice at the sight of beauty:
the roses on their windowsill. 

one day, a cursed piece of mirror hits 
the eye and the heart of the boy.

the roses are now ugly to him, 
the cold hearted snowqueen appears most beautiful.

he follows her
and looses his way in the frosty winter.

but there is a happy end.
the girl finds the boy and cries an honest tear.

the curse is broken.

both rejoice at the radiance of winter's beauty.


this is my very own interpretation of h. c. andersen's fairy tale "the snowqueen".

i remember this story from my childhood.
the book was beautifully illustrated. 

but andersen's fairy tales always had a creepy touch.
his story ends with the return of the boy and the girl, 
only that they have grown up.
so they must have been away for years, right?
causing despair and anguish to their family and friends.

anyway, you can read the original version through a free epub book version here, 
if you are interested.


i tried to capture the beauty, 
but also the cool aloofness.

i worked with fondant, marzipan, 
chocolate and sugar.


i took part in a cake decorating competition at a baking and decorating trade show, 
called "zimt&sterne" (cinnamon&stars).

my practice paid off, 
i won the first place!