Monday, September 26, 2011

fondant @school.

utensils: sugar thermometer and wooden spoon.

what's a'cookin'?

it's a sugar solution, 
composed of
100% sugar
25% glucose syrup 
40% water.

cooked until 115 degrees celcius.

when the sugar has reached the desired temperature, 
pour onto a slightly oiled work surface.

as soon as the sugar solution has been poured,
start stirring like a fool, using a wooden spoon and a scraper.
you might want to have somebody to help you!

keep on stirring, you have to work air into your fondant.
you'll notice that it will get whiter in color.

keep on going, don't give up!

the sugar is cooling down and it will get tougher to stir.
you will have to add some water to make it smoother, 
don't wait to long, or it will seize up!

and don't think about the muscle ache you might have the next day!

almost done. 
keep on stirring.
you want it to be room temperature.

last stir.

finally you can deposit it into a bowl.

those are all the fondants from the different groups.

test, test.

and now for the things that can go wrong making fondant.
here you see what happens if you don't add some extra water.

we did a number of experiments of stuff that could go wrong.
wrong temperature.
different glucose amounts.
the outcome was also taste tested to see how it "melts" in you mouth.

we tried all of them.
sugar overload.

our class teacher - looking a little worried.
but he's so enthused about our métier.
and always has an anecdote to tell.

well, i'm always happy to learn something new!

you can make the fondant in your kitchenaid.
pour your hot sugar solution into the bowl,
and let it knead.
keep a close watch on it though!