Sunday, September 1, 2013

Instagram of the week.

(1) leftover salt water taffy from the coast (2) my T-rex with a bow tie at Voodoo Doughnut 22 SW 3rd Ave (3) homemade pretzels, also stuffed pretzel rolls with spinach and blue cheese; yum yum, a taste of home (4) out near Mt. Tabor Park there are so many dandelions (Pusteblumen überall!) (5) leaves are turning color, the season is starting to change slowly but surely (6) Cloudporn. (7) inspired to draw a stag at work (8) homemade peach and blueberry crumble (9) a small lemon cucumber out of TheBoatHouse garden (10) snack time at a bbq @TheBoatHouse (11) Pizza at the Blind Onion 9230 Hwy 99 Vancouver, WA 98665 (12) root beer float with vanilla ice cream! (13) blue skies over fields of corn - oh, what a beautiful day (14) Carol's Corner Cafe 7800 NE St Johns Rd Vancouver, WA 98665 (15) french toast (16) quaint diner (17) veggie omelet with hash browns (18) See's Candies, my mom's childhood favorite; SO good 8700 NE Vancouver Mall Dr Vancouver, WA 98662 (19) More cloudporn; early morning right after work. Sigh. Portland is so beautiful.