Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Moodboard No. 5.

(1) my uncles old espresso maker that I now call my own (2) flea market book finds: Allen Ginsberg and Jack Kerouac, each 1 Euro (3) the last of my U.S. dollars and coins for my trip to Portland (4) beautiful purple flowers from the sage plant in my garden (5) a drawing of my kitchen, made by my friend and fellow couch surfer Alex Hagendorf (6) homemade peanut praline, great as a spread, although I'm still wondering what I can bake with it (7) 'Brottopf', a bread bowl or basket, I scored at a private apartment sell-off, also for a couple of Euro

How does this inspire me?
Read more. Draw more. Thrift more. Bake more bread.