Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Instagram of the month.

(1) blue skies were often seen (2) a visit to the 'Frauenkirche' in Munich's downtown (3) beams of light in a tunnel heading towards the 'Englischer Garten' (4) 'The Head in the Heart' in concert @Strom (5) some cakes from work for visitors (6) Schmalznudel, basically a German doughnut from the Viktualienmarkt (7) I scored some of this season's last organic kale (8) my first attempt at sourdough bread: a winner! (9) macarons from work (10) super random matchbox from the night flea market near Munich's Ostbahnhof (11) good weather, so obviously time to bbq - again! (12) homemade, healthy chocolate muffins with avocado and oats (13) my first juice from my very own juicer: carrot, red pepper, apple, mandarine, celery, nomnomnomnom (14) I celebrated a lovely St. Patrick's Day with an original homemade Irish stew (15) magnolia's blossoming in my neighborhood (16) special birthday flowers! Yes, they're purple!