Thursday, July 28, 2011

coconut ice cream. version no. 2.

the second version of coconut ice cream. no more coconut puree  - it's all used up now!
this ice cream is made with cornstarch instead of eggs, to bind the mixture and to make it smoother and creamier.
this recipe is even fruitier than the first version, no extra fat (from the eggs) to interfere with the taste. and it melts nicely in your mouth. and it's a lot lighter in color, almost white like real coconut!
but check out first recipe here. and decide for yourself - they're both great!

coconut ice cream

250g coconut puree
25g sugar
pinch of salt
10g cornstarch
125ml half and half

heat coconut, sugar and salt.
mix cold half and half with cornstarch, add into mixture and stir well until it boils.
boil shortly, then fill into another container.
let cool.
freeze according to the manufacturer's instructions.

serve with coconut flakes or shredded coconut, to add more texture.