Tuesday, July 19, 2011

coconut ice cream. crème glacée à la noix de coco.

so here it goes.
my first attempt to reconstruct a recipe.
simple, understandable, explanatory.



this ice cream genuinely tastes like coconut. 
it's creamy and smooth, yet fruity and refreshing. 
a perfect treat for a warm summer afternoon.

coconut ice cream

180g coconut puree
70g granulated sugar
pinch of salt (i use pink himalayan salt)
2 egg yolks
140g cream
100g milk

for the record: i used coconut puree not coconut milk! truly, it's different. coconut milk is mainly the milk and very little flesh. coconut puree is the complete fruit, without the shell of course, pureed and sometimes a little sugar is added. you can find it in professional food stores or in asian stores in glasses or cans.

heat coconut, sugar and salt.
meanwhile, warm egg yolks over a water bath or on stovetop. be careful not to overheat or else the eggs will set and there will be pieces of scrambled eggs in your mixture!
when the coconut is simmering, pour into egg yolks, constantly whisking the mixture to avoid the eggs setting.
sieve the mixture into a further bowl.
(this step may be omitted. this step is to insure that the mixture is free of any undesirable pieces)
add cream and milk, whisk thoroughly. 
let the mixture cool or help lower the temperature over a cold water bath.
freeze according to the manufacturer's instructions.


you may solely use milk instead of cream.
add 20-30g more sugar depending on your puree. mine was sweetened priorly. 
serve with coconut flakes or shredded coconut, to add more texture.