Sunday, December 22, 2013

Instagram of the week.

(1) airplane food from Thai Airways. Surprisingly good food, they really spoiled everyone in business class (2) on Tuesday I landed in Frankfurt, Germany at 5:30 AM and I was so happy to hang out in the lounge for a couple of hours until my next flight, eating proper yoghurt, eggs, bread and reading German newspaper - f.y.i. not just the yellow press, haha (3) on my second day home I went for a run - what a change, the sun rises after 8 AM in the morning, it's grey and the trees are bare - but what a joy to have crisp and cold weather! (4) anti-alles 'anti-everything' street art on the outskirts of my small town (5) oh, the glory of proper cheese and bread, also homegrown and -made mirabelle jam (6) church in Münster, pretty gorgeous, right? (7) veggie quiche from Pain&Gateau Michaelisplatz 9, 48143 Münster Germany (8) one of my favorite cakes from the same - German quark cheesecake with cherries and crumble (9) not typically German, but my families wish, American cookies for Xmas! (10) decorations on one of the many stands at the Christmas markets in Münster (11) dutch specialty: thick-cut french fries with Joppiesauce, a mayonnaise based, spiced sauce with onions (12) the last candle waiting to be burned on the wreath for the last of advent! (13) my favorite bakery bought pastry 'Rosinenstriezel', it's a flaky but moist brioche dough with loads of raisins and marzipan filling (14) for a christmas meet-up with friends I made a vegan quince and apple pie with crumble topping and salted honey pie with butter crust (15) polaroid session with friends! Thanks for the warm welcome back!