Sunday, August 18, 2013

Instagram of the week.

(1) most awesome headboard over a fireplace @thegreenhouse (2) homemade hemp granola with freeze dried strawberries (3) sunflowers are out everywhere! (4) lunch: celery, hummus, tortilla chips, arugula and homemade ice tea (5) I visited BEND, Oregon to see my brother (6) his interning brewery 10 Barrel Brewery (Pub) hosted the IPA Beer Wars, the start to the Bend Brewfest 1135 NW Galveston Ave, Bend OR 97701 (7) The Sparrow Bakery 50 SE Scott St #22, Bend OR 97702 (8) I had an amazing strawberry and nectarine bread pudding and coffee from Stumptown (9) "Come with me to touch the sky', found in a trinket store, what a nice quote, what a nice plate (10) Pizza Mondo, best pizza I've eaten since being in the US; great crust! 811 NW Wall St, Bend OR 97701 (11) view from Drake Park in downtown Bend (12) ice cream at my brothers - Ben&Jerry's - yum yum (13) hanging out on the porch (14) Fried Chicken plate with kimchi at Spork, we shared a great cucumber salad as well - a very good asian cuisine restaurant 937 NW Newport Ave, Bend OR 97701 (14) Bend Brewfest in the evening at dusk @LesSchwabAmphitheater (15) awesome art in my brother's house (16) beautiful flowers in bloom in Bend (17) Berry Cobbler Square from Fearless Bakery 1900 NE Division St, Bend OR 97701 (18) Lunch: a avocado, cream cheese sandwich with chips and gruyere (19) I found Cave aged Gruyere from Switzerland (20) ...and guess what I made with it? Coming up soon on the blog!