Sunday, August 11, 2013

Instagram of the week.

(1) it's actually a grape tree -vine?- (2) lunch with macaroni pesto salad, local tomatoes and arugula (3) view right after the sunrise from work in downtown (4) homemade banana nut granola; the yoghurt is mixed with blackberries from Sauvie Island (5) raw date coconut balls (6) my green lunch with arugula wrap, celery and spinach hummus (7) vegan cheeseburger with sweet potato fries from VeggieGrill 508 SW Taylor St (8) Shady Cove campground at Opal Creek (9) Grannyism from my yummy black tea (10) our food whilst camping (11) evening time reflections from a fallen log -bridge- (12) Mt. Hood in the morning sunrise driving back from Opal Creek (13) avocado, pickle and arugula sandwich for lunch (14) rainbow on Friday evening, and it didn't even rain!