Sunday, September 4, 2011

petit fours @ mönnig.

it's taken a while. 
finally i can also share some of my work baking with you.

i love work.
but it is hard work.
not only making such pretty, cute things.
it's also lugging about 25 kilo sugar sacks and pounds over pounds worth of cake.
and a lot of cleaning up behind yourself.

but here it goes
the nice side.

p.s. i made petit fours before, 
so if you're interested
check out:

 four layers of moist sponge capsule with a marzipan filling.

the squares are orange marzipan flavored and the hearts and circles are rum flavored.

topped with a thin layer of marzipan for a smooth upper surface.

i colored the fondant - covering the different shapes in different colors.

there goes the petit four into the fondant - make sure it doesn't disappear completely!

saves from drowning by the praline fork!

carefully set on the wire wrack to get rid of excess fondant.

drip, drip, drip.

once they are all covered, i must wait for them to dry.

after the fondant is dried, we dip the bottom in tempered dark chocolate to avoid the sponge drying out.

aren't they pretty? 
it's all handmade and scrumptious!

for more information about my workplace check out "konditorei mönnig"