Tuesday, September 13, 2011

"mandelkrokant" almond brittle @mönnig.

how do you make almond brittle?

choose your desired amount of sugar.
cover bottom of pan (at home i use a cast-iron pan) with a sugar layer.
wait until it starts melting, then start stirring.
continue adding sugar in layers until all the sugar is melted.
stir until dark amber colored and free of sugar clumps.
add slivered almonds until they are coated thinly in the caramel.
transfer onto a fatted surface.
let cool.
place baking paper on the brittle, using a hammer, break into pieces.
transfer into a cloth bag and smash with hammer until small.
if you've got a good quality food processor you may be able to crush the brittle in their too.
enjoy on a cake, like the frankfurter kranz, or on a plain yogurt.

don't you wish you were @ "konditorei mönnig"?