Wednesday, August 3, 2011

kouignettes. nature et rhum raisin.

butter. crisp. salt. more butter. chewy. that sort of sums up a good kouignette. 

when i was in paris i stopped by "george larnicol" to look around and i picked up these babies. their were tons of them, stacked on top of each other. and so many flavors. nature. rhum raisin. pistache. pomme. caramel-beurre-salé. to name a few.
 check out my photo of the shop here.

when i was back in germany this was one of the first recipes i tried to reconstruct, re-bake. et voilà!
once again i got help from my favorite parisien - david lebovitz. 
with help of his kouigin amann recipe.

all i did was that i rolled out the dough really thinly and in a rectangular shape in the last step. i gave the dough an extra helping butter, fleur du sel and any other wished topping. in this case rum raisins (i started soaking them in "stroh" rum 12 hours prior to baking). 
then i rolled the dough from the longer side up and cut it into cupcake sized pieces. and who would have guessed - baked it in buttered cupcake forms!