Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Instagram of the month.

My first month back in Portland:
adventures, great company, amazing food, perfect weather and I even have a new job after only two and a half weeks.
Life is good.

(1) great brunch at Broder 2508 SE Clinton Street Portland, OR 97255 (2) Pick-a-thon's shade structure Pendarvis Farm at Happy Valley (3) volunteering for Pick-a-thon we made so many banana scones (4) Orange Creamsicle ice cream from the 50 Licks food cart at the festival (5) Quilt playing at Pick-a-thon (6) great biscuits from Pine State Biscuits (7) lunch with an organic bagel, egg, lettuce from our garden, fruits and yoghurt (8) loot from my morning run (9) used the fig and blackberries for my homemade granola with chia seed pudding (10) veggie chard wraps, dinner on the patio (11) playing and adventuring at Opal Creek (11) marionberry pie with whipped cream from Sweedeedee 5202 N Albina Ave Portland OR 97217 (12) meet Sodium, Soda for short, the pet pig (13) afternoon picnic in Laurelhurst Park (14) breakfast burrito from the PSU farmer's market (15) pizza's at Sizzle Pie, the right one being vegan and my favorite (16) The Gorge on a gorge-ous day (17) the area around Naked Falls on the Washougal River in Washington (18) cats! (19) Crater Lake (20) getting over my fear of jumping off of high rocks (21) great breakfast break with a dirty chai and a peanut butter cookie at Waves of Grain 2250 E Burnside Street Portland, OR 97214 (22) lunch with an awesome Waves of Grain biscuit (23) sunrise at 5:30 AM at Crater Lake National Park