Wednesday, June 11, 2014


I've been trying to reduce and simplify for some time now.
I have reduced my wardrobe, I reduced my intake on meat and leave out certain products altogether, I spend less time on my make-up.
Reducing is simplifying. 
Without the extra clothes I don't waste time thinking about my outfit. 
With clear ideas of what to buy or not, my cooking simplifies.
The extra minutes I save obsessing about myself, I can put to use elsewhere.

My point in regards to my blog:
I started out with photos, then I went over to post recipes in english,
 also with some poetic inclination. 
Then I decided to translate to German, wrote introductions.
A lot of work.
So I'm doing what simplifies my life and makes me happy.
I already started at the end of last month but I will continue from here on out:
only english words, some of poetic nature, focus on the photos.
Hope you still enjoy.