Monday, October 24, 2011


a few words before i start in:
those who read my blog, few or many, 
i spent the past weekend in paris at my lovely friend sarahs.
the special occasion were the "chocolate masters" i wanted to see and a reunion with the city i fell un petit peu with in love.

i do not want to overload you with all my impressions at once, so in the next week (or weeks) i will post something of my trip.

so much to be said:
i ate a lot of good food, saw a lot of neat places and was inspired.


oh glorious

so tender
when caramelized


i've given tarte tatins my fair try.
here here and here.
they have turned out lovely.
one better than the other.

it is said that the ladurée tarte tatin is one of the best in paris.
of course i had to try it.
for 5,90 euro i got my tatin in a petit box and a pretty bag along with it.

this quaint tarte had a beautiful apple pattern
and was bedded on a light and crunchy puff pastry.